Night time photography

Last evening me and a friend decided to go out and take some pictures during night time.
Night time here in Trondheim (Norway) never gets pitch black during the summer – there is usually always some light in the sky which is great for long exposure photography.

We drove around and went to a spot where I have been taking some pictures during daylight earlier.
This was the perfect situation to try the Bulb mode on my Fujifilm X-Pro1. Equipped with a tripod, cable release and two different ND filters (a Hoya NDX8 and NDX400) I had all I needed for this type of photography.

I tried both filters, but the NDX400 blocked way too much light (the NDX400 blocks 9-stops and the NDX8 3-stops) so I decided to use the NDX8 to get a really long exposure.

This picture was taken at f/16 at ISO 200 (the lowest native ISO setting supported by the X-Pro1) with the Hoya NDX8 and Bulb mode on the camera. The exposure lasted for about 7 minutes and it turned out really nice. There were actually a boat that passed the camera which I thought would be visible on the photograph but as you can see, there’s no boat visible in the picture.

Night time photography can be quite rewarding.

  • Beautiful photo! Norway is definitely a place we would like to visit some day. So many amazing sights and places to photograph.

    • Thank you!
      You should definately visit Norway some day. I might take a lot of the nature here for granted since I grew up here, but, if nature scenery, landscape, seascapes and midnight light is something you want to see a lot of – Norway is a very nice place to visit!

      Drop me an email if you consider visiting, and I can send you some tips on places to see 🙂

  • Absolutely stunning. I’m so envious of you and your beautiful country. If there was anything I’d choose to be born as should I have another go at living on this amazing earth, I’d be Norwegian! It’s not just a beautiful country, it’s also a very intelligent and well organised one.I just love your systems eg the postal service and transport system. Your tunnels through the mountains are amazing…can you tell I’m an absolute fan? 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂
      You should come visit us again then!
      Might I ask where you are from?

      • You’re most welcome. I’m from the chaotic London 🙂 I would very much love to visit again sometime. One day hopefully!

  • This is a beautiful shot. You have a lot of equipment, but it’s really the eyes that see the scenes and the possibilities that makes the difference. Looks forward to see more, and I will send you a mail when I get back to my computer 🙂

    • So much info in so few words. Toltosy could learn a lot.

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    This is a fabulous shot taken in Trodheim Norway at nighttime. The sky is not quite dark as is typical for summer. Beautiful long exposure shot. Enjoy!

  • I’m mesmerized!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  • Nice job. the inclusion of the lighthouse is the key. I occasionally do some pinhole photography, which uses extended exposure times, I no longer concern myself if people walk in front of the shot now. The only thing that can cause a problem is if they pause a while! 😉

    • Thanks for your comment Stephen.
      Pinhole photography? Care to explain?

      • Lensless?

        Some people use digital but I prefer to use film, but basically the lens is replaced by a pinhole. The simplest is pushing a pinhole through a body cap but most people do something a little more than that. If you use film as the recording medium, it’s possible to use anything from a ….. well people’s imaginations tend to be the limit.. Write ‘pinhole photography’ into your search engine and you will get stacks of info and examples.
        The only examples I have on my blog are the picture I use on my About page and this post which was a little silliness (and not something I intend to pursue). Fun with a tube

      • I hear ya with the traditional phhaogrtpoy. My first Creative phhaogrtpoy class was a summer thing at a college after 10th grade. I loved developing the film and printing the photos myself…so VERY gratifying…and just COOL! I haven’t been in a darkroom though since my job in college as a photographers assistant…kind of miss it. But, alas, digital has taken over and it too is cool. Love the slide show by the way! Have a great day!

  • Wow – lucky you. Gorgeous image.