The challenge isn’t finding choices, paths, lifestyles, friends, partners, and so on.
The challenge is deciding which path to choose and staying on course.

Where are your choices taking you? And are you sure that you’ve made or are making the right choice? (I hate that question).

High-quality version on Flickr:
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  • I hate that question, too. But you can only “follow your heart.” This picture is perfectly titled. Love it!

    • Thanks Jessica 🙂
      Many people say that “home is where your heart is”. I guess I kind of disagree with that statement. I’d rather phrase it “home is where your heart takes you”.

      • Oooh! I LOVE that! I fully agree.

  • Great question to that photo. But I don’t think you have to decide on anything “forever”. If you made a choice yesterday you can take another turn today if you like. One thing though – unlike in your photo, in real life you cannot go back 🙂

    • I disagree. You can always change your mind in real life too 🙂 Nothing is set in stone, unless you decide to make it so.