The world from above

The last month or so has been very hectic, with a lot of business travel. It’s always nice seeing new places and meeting great people – but getting there can be a very boring experience. Airports and terminals, airplanes, trains, taxi’s and busses. There’s a quote going around that says something like “Half the journey is getting there”. Well, I politely disagree in regards to modern travel – where getting there is the entire point.

Still, though, it’s important to remember that you can be creative and create some nice memories from the time spent while getting there as well. Even if you are traveling alone.

These images were taken while flying from Norway to the United Kingdom.

  • Colour is a little unusual from you these days.:)

    • Hehe, yeah I know 🙂
      Who knows, maybe things are changing a bit 😉

  • Hey, love it. Love them all, your pictures. Such a simple idea, I do it myself in fact, nearly every time I’m on a plane, but these have something about them. Good choices, everywhere. Beautiful blog all round in fact. Really like it. Respects- Arran.

    • Thanks for your great feedback Arran. I’m glad you like my pictures and my blog 🙂


  • Ooooh. I *love* pictures of the earth from above. Makes me feel so small… I really love the one of the windmills! And I know what you mean about travel. It’s always worth it once you get to your destination, but the getting there part can be a hassle!

    • Thanks Jessica! I’m so glad you like the images 🙂