Early spring


    • Børge

      It’s been a weird winter, for sure! Especially here up north.
      I visited Las Vegas a couple a weeks ago for a week, and the locals also said the same as you. The winter had been much warmer than usual. On daytime we had on average about 78f in Vegas. Here in Norway however, the average has been about 50f since November. Which is quite strange, cause normally the average would be around 25f.

  1. this is lemonade

    Same here in London – there have been storms, and it’s been wetter than usual, but it’s not really frozen over at all. Today we had the most beautiful sunny day and all the birds are out and about doing their thing and singing like crazy. Feels so strange not to have had winter…

    • Børge

      The winter has been even more strange here. We haven’t had any rain, snow, or any downpour at all since early November. It’s just been dry and between 6-12 celsius mostly all of the time.
      If only the summers could be as dry…! The last year here feels like it has been an endless spring and fall, no real summer (it was horrible!) and no real winter.


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