A minor change

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 2014. © Børge Indergaard. flickr.com/photos/borgei/13534943824/

I started this blog a couple of years ago with the intention of presenting my photographic work only, and I decided to use the title “Bo Photography” and BoPhotography.net as the url for the blog. “Bo” was a short of my first name which is Borge / Børge. Recently I have felt limited by the photography label of my blog, so I decided to change things a bit.

I have been considering to re-shape the future of my blog for some time, and making the blog more personal and more revolved around art in general, not just photography. Yesterday I decided to use a new url as my main url – Indergaard.net – and I decided to drop the “BoPhotography” label and simply name the blog what it is – my daily observations in life. I will also introduce a couple of new categories in the future, but those are the only things that will change. The old url – BoPhotography.net – will still work, but the main url will be Indergaard.net – which also is my surname. By using the new domain name I am also able to expand my blog to cover other areas of interest by adding sub-domains (tech.indergaard.net, travel.indergaard.net, and so on) without the limitations and label of the “BoPhotography” parent domain name.

I will still be publishing items of the same nature that I have always been doing – photographs primarily – but I am distancing myself away from the photography label and the limitations that such a label creates. I am not a professional photographer. I do not sell any of my work. I do not make any money from this website at all. There are no ads or sponsoring, and there never will be. I run this blog simply because of my personal enjoyment with the medium, photography and art. It’s my personal creative outlet. And my hope is that this blog can somehow serve as inspiration to my readers.

There will be more travel-related posts on this blog in the future, as that is a part of the new direction that I’m taking. I will possibly start doing reviews of other people’s work, workshops and websites, as well as sharing work by others that I enjoy. I will also post my experience of the camera equipment that I’ve had the privilege of using the last year. And I will post samples of my own formal exercises and assignments in photography and hopefully inspire my readers to make their own exercises and assignments based on my examples, for self-development.

I hope this provides some clarification on the recent changes of this website.

And as always, if you have questions regarding these changes or anything else – please feel free to contact me. My contact information is available here: About.

Best regards,
Børge Indergaard