Including or excluding people in your pictures


I assume that many people who view this picture will say something like “If only those people weren’t in the picture!”. Am I right? I would say the same a few years ago. People were disturbing. They were always in the way of my perfect shots. I found many great locations but people was always in my way, always disturbing my perfect locations: The perfect landscape shot, the perfect scenery, the perfect building, car, etc. If only I could go back and experience the same location again without people!

Things have changed for me during the last year or so. Whenever I find a nice location nowadays it always seems empty without people there. I don’t need the perfect people, the perfect motion or the perfect clothes. I just really appreciate seeing some life in every image.

A building is static. It’s dead. A landscape will usually always look the same – at least for some time.
Don’t get me wrong. I love photographs of beautiful landscapes, buildings and monuments. But for me – personally – I try to include some life into every shot that I take.

A little over a year ago I would look at this image and say “If only those people weren’t there!”.
I took a picture of this scene without people at the same time as I grabbed this image as well, and it doesn’t give me much. Sure, it’s a nice night-time scene. But there’s no life there.

What do you prefer and why? Do you think this image would be better without people included in it? I would love to hear your thoughts.

High-resolution version of the image: