Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 review

The Instax Share SP-1 mobile photo printer is the perfect travel companion for snap-happy people!

I purchased this photo printer about a year ago, together with the Fujifilm X100T. I have since sold the X100T but I’ve kept the Instax printer. This printer works great with any modern mobile phone or tablet and the Fujifilm companion app. But there is an advantage to use it with Fujifilm cameras with built-in Wifi – you can print directly from the camera to the printer, without having to transfer the photos from the camera to a smart phone. Since Fuji’s cameras also have a built-in raw converter and some good editing tools and film profiles, you can easily create, edit, print and share on the go.




The prints from this printer isn’t of high technical quality, but they are of lasting quality. The Instax film itself is made to last a long time. It’s water proof, and you can spill water on them and just wipe it off and the pictures are completely fine. The film is also fairly scratch resistant, so the photographs will look good even when stored in a wallet or card holder for example.

I guess that’s the point of these pictures. They’re not ment to be archival prints or photographs, they’re snapshots that are nice to decorate a wall or mirror with (use some sticky tack), they’re ment to be kept in a wallet, or to be passed around. They’re perfect to create smaller photo journals with. Just glue them inside any smaller notebook and you have a travel journal that you can create and update while on the road.




I’ve over time learned that to get the best results from this printer, you need to process images so that they’re slightly under-exposed. Adding some contrast and saturation is also nice. Even though the image might look a bit over-saturated and under-exposed on your phone or camera, for example, the images will look great while printed on the Instax. It seems that the Instax tends to create washed-out looking prints if the images themselves are exposed perfectly. Especially if the printed image was over-exposed.

The Instax film itself can be purchased at reasonable prices if you purchase 5-packs of the film on Amazon. You can find some good deals on the film sometimes, so buy it in bulk rather than 1 or 2 packs. I treat the Instax film as regular photographic film – so I store them in the fridge until I use them.




Also remember to bring some extra batteries for the printer. It sucks to run out of juice while on the road. The batteries are cheap, and they last for about 50-60 prints in my experience.

Personally I always bring this printer while traveling. It’s just so nice to be able to make a photograph then and there. Friends and family always appreciates getting a physical image or two then and there, rather than just being tagged in an image on Facebook or Instagram. It’s also a nice printer to use at home and create smaller photobooks and journals with, as well as to print images and use sticky tack and put them anywhere you’d like as decoration. I’ve even printed a lot of my 35mm film scans on this printer, and it looks great for what it is.




I highly recommend everyone to start making prints, be it smaller casual prints like these Instax prints, or professional level prints on proper printers. The activity on Facebook and Instagram is plummeting, and it seems like less and fewer people are interested in pictures shared on these online mediums. The trend seems to be clear – people want physical prints more and more. The Instax line of product is Fujifilm’s most successful photography product nowadays, and it’s been like that since it’s introduction!

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Wilbur Normanreply
March 31, 2016 at 00:54

Everything you have written here is right on the mark! I spent 3+ weeks in Cuba in February and March and the response from people I gave photos to is fantastic (and worth taking pictures of itself. The week I led a street photography tour some of the photographers would take photos of people’s reactions as they watched the picture of themselves develop in my hands. Always an event!)

It’s a great way of giving something back to those folks whose photos we use in our art & craft.

Børge Indergaardreply
April 1, 2016 at 13:13
– In reply to: Wilbur Norman

I’m glad to hear this! Cuba must have been fantastic!

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