Photo editing and organizing on the iPad

I recently decided that I want to try and use my iPad (3rd generation with cellular) for basic photo editing and publishing while I was on the go, and also use the iPad as a digital photo library where I can have photographs sorted in albums.

I purchased the Camera Connection Kit for the iPad which lets me import photographs directly from an SD card or connect the iPad to any camera with a regular USB cable and import the photos, and this works nicely. It even imports my RAW files.

I have purchased several photo editing applications from the AppStore:

iPhoto – very nice for editing once I got familiar with the interface, and nice quality.
SnapSeed – Also very nice, but a bit more basic.
PhotoGene – Also very nice and complete but I prefer iPhoto.
PhotoSmith – A Lightroom companion for the iPad. It works, but, I am not satisfied with it – at all. It is slow, the synchronization between Lightroom is buggy and it places all the photos that I export from Lightroom in the “Camera Roll” on the iPad which is a bit messy.

My goal is to have one (or several) applications which let’s me sort photographs in collections or albums, edit the photo’s (the JPEG’s – I don’t see any reason to edit RAW’s on an iPad), and publish some photographs to Flickr, 500px, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

As of today iPhoto seems to do the best job. But, I can’t find any way to synchronize the photographs from iPhoto to a Mac or PC. It seems like iPhoto can’t sync albums and photographs directly to iPhoto/Aperture on a Mac or Lightroom (Mac or PC).

Is there any way to get a seamless and synchronized experience between the iPad and a Mac or PC? If anyone has any workflow tips on this subject I would really appreciate your feedback.