Staying inspired

My inspiration and creativity for photography has lately been almost non-existent. The reasons are pretty simple:
It is the darkest period of the year where I live and it is pitch dark in the mornings when I start working and also when I am done at work. It’s also very cold, and going out to make photographs in -5 to -15 celsius is not too tempting either (I don’t like the cold too much).

I guess I’m not alone in this. So what can we do about it? Sometimes even the simplest thing that you have been looking at for days, months and even years can become a really interesting photograph.

The image above was taken today. The window (and blinds) are right by my desk at home and I have been looking through this window for like six months now, and I have seen the sunset through it many times. Never did I think that it could become an interesting photograph.

So look around your house or apartement. I bet there are many things that can become quite interesting to photograph in your home. The problem is that we’re so used to seeing these things every day so they become uninteresting. If you own a macro lens then this is the time to use it!

Open your eyes and have fun.