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As you probably have guessed from my previous posts, I like photography and photographing all kinds of stuff that are interesting to me. But finding interesting stuff to photograph in the everyday life isn’t always that easy.
I am living in the city I grew up in and no matter how much I try to plan photographing locations, items, architecture or other things in this city I always hit a wall. There isn’t anything new for me to see in this city, no new places to explore, no new buildings to play around with, etc.

Planning the type of photography that I like in my own home town seems hopeless – until I stop trying to plan everything and rather just go out and find something interesting.

Even though I have seen most of what my hometown can offer, there is always something new to find if I just try to look for it. A new angle, a new building, different light which can change a scene totally. I guess I am so used to seeing this city so I tend to not notice the details that it has to offer.

Whenever I travel to a new place I always notice details to photograph – but I guess that’s kind of the point – when people are in a new environment they will always notice new things, details, buildings, cultures, etc. and explore the environment. For someone who is interested in architectural, street and landscape photography this is of course very inspiring.

But sometimes there can be hidden treasures in your backyard (so to speak) as well. The photograph in this post was taken last night when I was at a place I had been many, many times before. I had never thought of using this weird piece of architecture to frame a photograph before. And I am quite pleased with the results.


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July 25, 2012 at 21:09

Very clever way of framing the photo – maybe you wouldn’t have found this position in a less familiar environment?

July 26, 2012 at 09:34
– In reply to: jarvisandbeetle

Thank you. That might also be true 🙂 I guess it is easier to see special things in a familiar environment. In a new environment everything is new and exciting so much of the details are probably not seen in the same way.

this is lemonadereply
July 26, 2012 at 16:38

I love this photo! Beautiful structural framing of a natural scene. I have been to Norway only once, and dream of visiting again. In my humble opinion, it is the most awesome country on earth. By awesome, I mean literally awesome (not just great)!
Thanks for dropping by and following my blog – I have just followed you back 🙂

July 26, 2012 at 16:53
– In reply to: this is lemonade

Thank you 🙂 You should visit! Norway is beautiful if like nature and wildlife! What parts of Norway did you see while you was visiting?

July 28, 2012 at 00:18

Reading the first words of this post, three words rang in my head: are you kidding?
I might be living in the same town as you, and here are a great number of possibilities for great angels, views and photos.
I’ve had similar experience as you; I’ve quite recently learnt to see the town as a tourist. So much to see!
Like to go together and explore someday?

July 29, 2012 at 18:35
– In reply to: mindomin

Nope, not kidding 🙂 I have been photographing in Trondheim for 4-5 years. And personally I’m kind of tired of photographing trees, grass, foliage, landscapes and seascapes. Trondheim is a great and beautiful city, but it isn’t very diverse when it comes to architecture and available light during night time. Not many buildings are lit up like in many other cities for example, which can be great for night time photograpy.

It helps trying to see the city as a tourist indeed! And actually being a tourist in a city is very liberating when it comes to photographing things 🙂

That would be awesome. Drop me an email and we can schedule something.

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