Starting a photography project

I have been thinking about starting a photography project for a while now, and tried to decide what it should be based on.

Should the project be based on the content of the photographs or the way that I present (compose and post-process) the photographs?
Should it be about people, architecture or nature? Should the project be based on a time of the year, special occasions or human emotions?

I have been making pictures for about six years now, but not continuously. I have had periods where I have not photographed for 3-6-9 months. All my photographs are made because I noticed something that appealed to me or which I thought looked interesting.

I have therefore made pictures of a lot of different subjects; nature, landscape, people, cars, bikes, architecture, macro, flowers, clouds, products.

During my 6 years I have used a wide variety of lenses as well; ultra-wide angles, wide-angles, telephoto and primes. I have used compacts, dSLR’s and I am currently using a rangefinder style camera with only primes.

In all these years I have never touched flash photography, simply because I prefer available light, and I’m not into studio or portrait work (maybe because I have never tried it).

I feel that by photographing everything I am not really pushing myself in the direction that I want. Defining my own style, and make a series of photographs – not of the same subject – but within the same style or presentation of the subjects. From my professional work experience I know that by doing everything you really don’t master anything. The broad experience is really valuable to have, but it is also a limitation since you can’t focus on doing one thing exceptionally good.

The broad experience is very valuable to have however – especially when you decide to focus on something, and want to become specialized in one area – be it photography, technology, or anything.

Making a decision on what the project should be based on, however, is not easy.

Have you ever started a photography project which involved making a decision to focus on a specific style of making pictures? And how did it turn out?

I would appreciate any advice you might have.