Photographs that tells a story

This might look like a simple image to the naked eye. And it is a rather simple image.
But does it tell you a story? If so, please share your thoughts with a comment.

I admit it; most of the images that I have noticed and ranked on several websites in the past has been technically and perfectly polished photographs. Landscapes, seascapes, scenery, woods, architecture, studio and outdoors portraits, pets, cars and products. The effects, the colours, the perfection in many of the images were very attractive.
Many of them look unreal. Maybe they sort of are?

In the last six or so months I have experienced a major shift in regards to what is pleasing for my eyes and my mind. I enjoy beautiful and polished shots still – but they are not as interesting for me as they previously were. Maybe because the perfect and polished shots has been my focus for the last six years? Or maybe my interest just changed? Who knows.

During the last six months I have started to enjoy photographs that tells a story. A photograph that makes you think. A photograph that engages me, and a photograph that I look at for an extended period of time rather than just glance at. The photograph does not necessarily need to be technically good.
It doesn’t even need to be in focus or exposed correctly. Colours or black and white doesn’t really matter, although I feel that in certain scenarios a black and white image makes me think even more.

The genre that I have really started to enjoy is often called Street Photography. It is very interesting to document the daily life of people; expressions, emotions, happy moments, sad moments and so forth. Every image is unique and I find it very captivating to be able to document unique moments which never can be re-created. A building never moves so you can spend an eternity to frame the perfect shot with the perfect light. You can never plan your shots in the same way when you try to document people in their daily life however.

I have tried shooting Street Photography for the past months. But it is hard. Very hard. I’ve heard people say “Oh, just go out in the streets and take pictures of people – what’s the deal? That’s easy!”.
And yes, that might be easy. But I have never experienced such a low keeper-rate – ever. Many of the photographs are good photographs, but they aren’t special. I want to capture that special moment that makes you stare at a picture for an extended period of time and wonder what’s happening.
A picture that tells a story.

Making such images are very challenging. I find myself working the photograph as much as I never have done in the past. It is also very inspiring and can be quite rewarding as well. And I expect that if you capture that one shot it probably feels like you won the lottery. I try to be optimistic and hopeful.

When you look at photographs that are posted on the web – do you usually focus on the technical and polished presentation or do you try to interpret the story within the image?

If you have experience with Street Photography – please share them!