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Over the last few weeks the weather has been terrible here in Trondheim. Rainy and stormy most of the time and very low temperatures. I also had to perform some small surgery on my foot which made me sit still for a few weeks until the wound healed.

There are advantages to have to stay in for a period of time though. Earlier today I finished post-processing my entire “Pick” collection in Lightroom. These are photos that I have taken during this spring, summer and fall which I have flagged as a Pick for further post-processing and possibly publishing depending on the results.

When I finished post-processing the photographs and exported the entire list of Selects I suddenly had 151 more photographs in my publishing queue. My Pick/Quick selection queue is now down to zero in Lightroom, and this feels very good! No more processing for a while and when my foot is completely healed (hopefully within a few days) I can go out and gather more photographic material which I can start queueing up for future post-processing in Lightroom again.

My post-processing queue hasn’t been cleared (zeroed) for about a year! So this feels very good.

The photo in this post was taken early in June, and has not been touched until today. I just felt like sharing one of the results with you!

Have a great weekend!

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