The winter decided to come early this year

A few days ago it started snowing here in Trondheim, Norway, and it seemed like it would never stop. Suddenly in a few days we had about 30-40 centimeters of snow, and even more in some areas.
After a few days the skies cleared up and me and some friends went out the last sunday to take some photographs. It was cold but it was so refreshing and inspiring.

Since I am currently using a Leica Monochrom I can only take pictures in black and white, which is brilliant for snow and contrasty winter shots. After using this camera for almost a few months now I am starting to get comfortable with it, and I work a lot quicker with it each day I use it. And I try to use it every day as well. It’s so small and compact, it’s always with me no matter what I do.

I find that I have adapted to the monochrome style of shooting and I especially noticed that this sunday. I totally ignored colors when I was composing, or, when I was looking for scenes or subjects to photograph. This is great news as I had some doubts if I would be able to adapt myself.

I played a bit with these images in my post-processing workflow, and the results are highly creative. But I like it. The MM’s files are so full of detail and latitude – you can push them incredibly far in post in any direction without getting much noise or artifacts at all. Very fun and very satisfying files to play with.

Enjoy the winter!